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insurance riders for collectibles

Are you a collector of rare items? If you enjoy collecting things like antiques, coins, stamps, sports cards or anything else that increases in value as time goes by, you must be sure that your insurance policy will cover the cost of loss or damage if something was to happen. I created this blog after losing everything to a house fire. When I went to file my claim, I was shocked and very disappointed to find out that I wouldn't be receiving nearly enough of a payout to cover my investment. I created this blog after I learned that very difficult lesson to help others learn about insurance riders for their collectibles.

4 Reasons Why Self-Employed Workers Who Telecommute Need a Home Insurance Policy

As of October 2015, more than 1.5 million Canadians are self-employed, and that figure increases by approximately 500,000 each year. If you belong to the growing group of self-employed workers and plan to conduct the majority of your business from home, make sure your budget includes funds for a home insurance policy. Whether you've owned a house for years or just recently begun renting an apartment, here are four reasons why a home insurance plan is important for self-employed workers. Read More 

Car Upgrades That Can Decrease Your Insurance Premiums

There are all kinds of tricks that drivers use when looking for cheaper car insurance. You shop around to see if other companies are offering lower rates. You look through your club memberships and professional affiliations to see if one of them might net you a discount. You may even base your choice of a new car partially on the cost to insure that car. But what you may not realize is that you can often get cheaper insurance just by improving the car that you already have. Read More